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China DTY Suppliers, Polyester DTY Material Manufacturers

Le 25 septembre 2017, 08:48 dans Humeurs 0

Hangzhou Lingang Chemical Fibre Co., LTD. is a large-scale chemical fiber enterprise specialized in polyester drawn textured yarn.we are

China DTY Suppliers, Polyester DTY Material Manufacturers, The company is located in Lingang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 200 meters close to Xiaoshan International Airport in the north, and 500 meters close to Zhejiang Expressway in the south, the location is excellent.


Business Scope: 50D-500D polyester DTY. Capacity is 60 tons per day. More than 50 kinds of DTY are available, including raw white, black, optical white, cationic,dty polyester yarn and bright yarn.

Quality awareness is in my heart, product quality is in may hand.Careful, elaborate, diligent, quality ensures satisfaction.


Polyester Yarn staple fiber structure

Le 20 septembre 2017, 08:56 dans Humeurs 0

   (1) Polyester Yarn staple fiber structure on its strong, elongation of the impact, mainly reflected in the twist.

   When the twist coefficient increases, the frictional resistance between the wood fibers increases and is not easy to slip off. This is a positive side of the strength of the staple fiber yarn. However, when the twist factor is increased, the inclination of the fiber is increasing, The effective component of the yarn in the yarn is reduced, the fiber breaking in the yarn does not increase at the same time, and the increase of the yarn diameter when the fiber is tilted is unfavorable to the relative strength of the yarn.
   (2) the impact of joint stock
   The combination of single yarn makes the plyyarn dry, and there is contact between the single yarn, so that the adhesion between the outer yarn of the single yarn increases; the strength of the strands is greater than the sum of the strength of the single yarn.
   (3) the arrangement of the fibers in the staple yarn
   The strength of the rotor yarn is lower than that of the ring yarn: the irregular yarns are arranged in the twisted yarns, such as folding, curling, circular motion and so on. The normal transfer fiber is less, so that the fiber is in contact with the fiber.
   (4) expanded yarn
   The tensile strength of the expanded yarn is smaller than that of the conventional yarn, and the elongation at break is larger.
   Structural characteristics: the use of two kinds of heat shrinkage difference between the fiber blending heat shrinkage treatment, so that the high shrinkage of the yarn in the full retraction of the fiber, while forcing the heat shrinkage of the normal fiber along the axis of compression wrinkle Showing the expansion characteristics.
   Tensile fracture process: Bulk yarn is stretched when the external force of the number of fibers is small, and the tension of the fiber is not uniform. Began to be stretched, only a small part of the fiber bear the external force, the other fiber wrinkle relaxation. When the current fiber is pulled off, the latter fiber straightens and assumes tensile force until the whole is broken.
   (5) yarn and elastic yarn
   Rely on a variety of shaping methods, so that each fiber was a spiral spring or curled directional curve of the curve.
  During the considerable period of the start of stretching, the fibers are gradually stretched in a very small condition with a small increase in tensile force, which has a high elongation at break.